About Us


The brand was born in 2014 at University time. In 2015 I and my partner, Savio moved to Berlin. We arrived here without any knowledge of the city, the language, and without any job. We were a couple of fearless young people with a passion for art and fashion. We joined some German courses for the first three months and used to live with other 8 people in a WG. This gave us the chance to learn English as well and meet some of the people who are actually our best friends here. At some point, we had the first job opportunities and we started building our brand. Partly it was ready, we just needed to collect some found and then launch it...



The concept behind my creations is to redefine the body, which is no longer an object of recognition, but it’s an identity that acts and transforms itself. The garment becomes the mirror of the human mind, devoid of personality, that will be conferred by those who are wearing them, without gender distinctions.

 Collections are entirely handmade and black which creates a form of impartiality and indefinite, and grants free interpretation of themselves. Through these elements, the person will be able to accept his body, his own story, and himself as a perfect being in his imperfection.

During the pandemic, we decided to take the next step and open our own showroom/atelier in collaboration with other three designers: Atelier 69B which will be open to the public soon. For now, it's only possible to access with an appointment. Our clothes are also available at Syld Store Berlin. 

Thank you.